Christmas Party Look

I don't know about you, but I'm already day dreaming about Christmas parties!

The pop of champagne, the smell of delicious festive food in the air, and surrounded by all of your nearest and dearest. I do love a good knees-up, and as it's party season, it seems only fitting that I'm already starting to plan my outfits.

So imagine the scenario: it's your works' do, and you desperately need an outfit that pulls out all the stops. The outfit that makes your female colleagues ask where it's all from, and your male colleagues think you're a Christmas cracker.

There's only one option and that's animal print.

An absolute timeless classic, and something you should absolutely never be without in your wardrobe. I'm loving this jumper by Star by Julien Macdonald - it's actually such a versatile piece, as it can be dressed down with jeans, and even layered with things on those particularly chilly days.

So what are we going to team it up with? This is always my dilemma here, because when it's cold outside, I just want to wrap myself up in as many clothes as possible. But alas, that will not give me the desired Christmas glam party look, will it?

So, I've opted for this amaaaazing tan leather skirt. I love an a-line skirt, because they give off such a cool sixties look, plus they actually suit all shapes and sizes too.

To avoid getting too much of a chill on your legs, go for some over-the-knee boots! These are my absolute must-have this season, and these Faith numbers have a little heel on too, which will elongate those pins and give a fresh-off-the-catwalk look to your outfit!

Opt for a soft brown smokey eye with the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, and a nude lip with Mac's Creme d'Nude. To get that 'beehive' hair, follow this simple tutorial by the gorgeous Liv Purvis and you're ready to rock the Christmas party in sexy sixties style!

***P.S. I hope you like my attempt at a little fashion sketch! Took me long enough!


A/W Fashion Trends

*This is a sponsored post

Fashion trends never cease to amaze the rapid growing number of 'fashionistas' in the UK. The latest on the crème de la crème of the world’s catwalks have already shown the amazing trends of winter 2014/15. To avoid being left out, here is a list of top 5 winter fashion trends.

1. Wine Colour
Along with the soft pastel that embodies femininity; wine colour is interesting and refined for winter. The saturation of colour may vary depending on the occasion. You can choose to go for ripe cherries or even colour Bordeaux. 2014/15 winter fashion season has been baptised as 'Wine Total-Bow'. Ensure that you stay relevant with sets of plain wine colour sweaters and trousers including elegant coats and dresses.

2. Faux Fur
Faux fur is a style that never fades, although this season is totally different from the rest. Fashion houses are incorporating creative small fur details to ornament the footwear, coats, trousers and jackets. A practical example is Dolce & Gabbana’s winter season coat consisting of elegant fur gates in a pre-war Italian style. Gucci and Amroha Amani have also incorporated fur in their winter collection.

3. The Long Sweater
Long sweaters provide a range of styles that you can explore to match a particular occasion including weather. The fact that it can be converted to a dress, and also a warm coat makes it even more interesting. You can go for classic length or mid-thigh since there are a number of fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Marks and Spencer having this assortment. You can also adventure by tying a large knot at the side of your sweater dress to embellish the whole winter idea.

4. High Boots
The latest assortment of winter fashion has definitely brought back the 60’s where wins podiums and steel-high boots dominated the fashion industry. Versace’s highlighted suede boots lace-up together with extended boots from Gucci (made of snake skin) are good options to compete with A-listers. There is also patent leather at Lanvin Boots and Valentino’s diamond shaped pattern high boots to grace the frosty occasion.

5. Bulk Shoulders
Bulk shoulders were initiated in the late 50s, and today the fashion still remains. Chanel and Jacquemus offer amazing extra long coat and coat-coat with Marni and Proenza Schouler coming up with voluminous sweaters, shoulders tops and short jackets.

Ensure you take your time to research carefully the best online and offline stores before purchasing these items. This is to avoid trading with unscrupulous entities that will either give you fake products or overprice the items. Online catalogues often give a broad selection of fashion brands to choose from so it could be worth checking them out, visit Just Catalogues for a list of the UK's top catalogues.


Shoestring: One Year Later...

Today marks the one year anniversary that we signed the papers for our first home. And what a journey it has been!

- - -

30th October 2013 was the day my life changed.

Rob and I had been wanting to get our own place for quite some time, but the stress of saving for a mortgage was really getting on top of us. There's not really a way to describe it: I'm a family girl - a home to me, means somewhere you start your family and build up memories. I so desperately wanted that to begin with Rob, but house prices were (and still are) absolutely ridiculous, making it hard for young people to get a look-in.

After buying the boat, we felt that sense of 'home', and we could finally begin this amazing chapter of our lives together.

I think a lot of people misunderstood our situation, and thought we were buying a boat until we could afford something 'better', like a house. But to us, there isn't anything better. Sure, it was a cheaper alternative, and it's not something your average 20-somethings do, but that's what makes it so much more fun and exciting!

So one year on... what's changed?

  • We decorated! Looking back at these pictures I posted last December, you can see just how different it looks. Rob worked so hard, bless him - it's so ideal having a boyfriend that doubles up as a handy-man!
  • We welcomed another family member! I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram you'll have been bombarded with my puppy pictures... 6 months ago, we bought Sid into our lives. He's a gorgeous, well-behaved, sassy little Golden Retriever and we don't know what we'd do without him.
  • We have our own documentary! I wrote about this a while back. It aired on Channel 4 last month, and is part of their series 'Home Truths'. We had one episode dedicated to us and our life on the boat.
As so many of you guys love reading about life afloat, I decided to set up a brand spanking new blog, which will be much more lifestyle focused - all about our little family and what it's like to live, well, on a Shoestring! You can take a peek here.

And what do we have planned for the future? Well for that, you'll just have to stay tuned... ;-)