I just absolutely love this time of year.

There's no doubt about it, Autumn is a-coming and I'm planning on being 100% prepared for it this year, because there have been far too many times when I've bought "winter appropriate" clothes that are actually only winter appropriate if you're spending Christmas in Australia.

So without further ado, let me introduce to you: STYLE ME, SEPTEMBER.

I suppose you can call it The September Issue for my blog - I'm going to be sharing all of my favourite AW/14 fashion and beauty looks so that you're just as prepared as I am. And... the feature will run for the entire month!

First up, let's take a look at how the designers did things:


Images: STYLE.com

Burberry have captured everything I am dreaming of and popped it nicely into one collection. When you're over the girl-crushing on Suki and Cara, just LOOK at those amazing patterns and shapes. If I could afford to own all of this, I would, but alas, I will just have to look for high street alternatives!

I'm obsessing over the belted waists and tucked-in scarves, plus those colour combinations are just to die for. 10/10 for you, Burberry!


Images: STYLE.com

We all know this gal loves Topshop, but I'll admit that I've never been hugely fussed about Topshop Unique. That is, until their AW14 show.

Let's all just sit and weep over these beautiful colours for a sec. I'm SO happy that yellows/burnt oranges are a thing for autumn and winter, because they're one of my favourite colours to wear. Typically associated with summer, and, y'know, the sunshine, but there's nothing wrong with bringing a bit of brightness into what will probably be a really really dull British winter...


Images: STYLE.com

Known for the wildest creations, I'm always excited to see what Peter Pilotto pulls out of the bag - even if I wouldn't wear them, I can always appreciate their designs from an art aspect. This season really didn't disappoint, and it showcased some of my favourite (albeit pretty wild) colour combinations and shapes that I've seen on the catwalk.

Burgundy's mixed with sea blues, bold geommetric shapes, and pastels contrasted with harsh cuts. Sounds pretty good to me!

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*Style Me, September is a fashion feature running throughout September showcasing both designer and high street fashion and beauty looks. Stay tuned to catch a glimpse of my must-have high street pieces and come along with me as I shop for my Autumn and Winter wardrobe! For the grand finale, I will be styling my very own AW14 lookbook with a collection of the high street pieces I collect along the way...


What I Wore: Shoe Porn from Primark

The Fashion Diaries | What I Wore | Primark Heels
The Fashion Diaries | What I Wore | Primark Heels
The Fashion Diaries | What I Wore | Primark Heels

Shoes - Primark | Trousers | Blouse

Having a boyfriend only a couple of inches taller than me makes things quite annoying in the heel department.

He loves me in heels, and insists I wear them whenever I like, but I can't help but feel like a bit of a wally if I tower over him slightly.

But, in typical girl form, all of my 'comfort over style' rules went out the window the second I laid eyes on these beauties.

A gorgeous nude suede effect with a perfect point and a rose gold heel.

Manolo's? Nah...

Valentino? Pur-LEASE...

I got these bad boys from PRIMARK.

Yep, you heard me. Twelve sweet little pounds and these gorgeous shoes are mine without making the slightest dint in my bank account. Now that's my kinda shoe porn.

They're also available in black, and I am urging Primark to make them in all colours of the rainbow.


What I Wore: Lavish Alice playsuit

The Fashion Diaries | What I Wore | Lavish Alice Playsuit
The Fashion Diaries | What I Wore | Lavish Alice Playsuit
The Fashion Diaries | What I Wore | Lavish Alice Playsuit

Lavish Alice playsuit

I've been meaning to blog this item for a while now. It's been sitting in my wardrobe, patiently waiting for the right time to be worn, but it's been a tricky one to please.

You see, on the warmer days we've had this summer, I've not really fancied long sleeves. Especially since the material is quite thick, it would probably make you a bit hot and sweaty...

And on the days where it hasn't been too hot to function, it's been freezing cold, so bare legs are out of the question.

I'm sure you can see my predicament here.

Days like today, however, when it's still lovely and warm but with a gentle breeze, it's made for the perfect outfit.

I first spotted this version on Sam Faiers and instantly fell in love, so when I saw it in this gorgeous blue and white 'china' print, I knew it had to be mine. I think it gives off a gorgeous 60s kinda vibe - especially with my full fringe in full force.

Whaddya reckon?

Good news is that you can now buy this gorgeous playsuit in the sale for just £29! And we all love a bargain.