Inspiring Interiors: Oak

This week, I'm feeling inspired by all things Oak.

It might sound stupid, but it blows my mind that these amazing architectural structures and iconic pieces of furniture all begin from a tree; a seed, even. Crazy, right?

I've been filtering through Pinterest, picking out my favourite pictures and it's giving me an itch to buy it all.

As much as I'd love a gigantic oak bed, it's pretty much impossible with the space in our bedroom. But we are wanting a coffee table - only something small - that we can carry outside with us to eat lunch on when we're out on the driving deck. We spied this little cutie from Fortune Woods (if you're ever looking for large selections of Oak furniture, these guys are where it's at) and it's exactly what we're looking for!

Small enough to carry around and not be in the way, yet perfect size for our Sunday morning teapot and toast!

Are you loving oak furniture?

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  1. I love oak furniture too. My brothers step-mum has a gorgeous carved wood table. The carvings are so intricate.
    Rubi x
    The Den