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A few weeks ago, Homebase ran a competition called "#MadeItMine", which asked entrants to submit a photograph of an example where they'd taken a piece of furniture, or a room, or just SOMETHING and made it their own. Of course, I have the perfect example of this with the boat, so I submitted a 'Before and After' photo and crossed my fingers...

...Never in a million years did I ever expect to win! I was contacted by the Homebase team who posted £500 worth of vouchers for me to spend, which is amazing as I've been desperate to get the bathroom finished! That's the only room in the boat that we didn't get around to doing because we ran out of both budget and enthusiasm.

So, naturally, I've been taking to the web for some inspiration.

My bathroom is pretty small, but it has everything you need: bath with shower head, sink and toilet. As well as a cupboard under the sink where we (I) keep all of our bits and bobs.

Now, the actual units themselves are in pretty good condition, but it's really the tiles and floor we want to change. I've got this little obsession with Utopia Group, who give millions of tips on how to use your space efficiently and the best layout plans for you. Basically, they know their shit.

So I started to check out some of their .pdf files to help me get to grips with the way I want things to set out, and this one really took my fancy. It's small, simple and clean-cut, exactly how I want it.

I particularly love the sink. If we do end up getting any new unit, it'll probably be the sink.

Anyhow... let me know what you think - and if you've spotted anything in Homebase lately that would be good for the boat!

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