Storing Your Stuff

Under-bed storage has changed my life.

Moving on to the boat, I was forced to part ways with some of my most prized posessions: my clothes. Gulp. Now, I'm a bit of a hoarder - I still have my year 11 prom dress which I won't ever wear again. I have 8 inch heels that I most certainly cannot walk in. And I have clothes that I keep hold of "just in case" I decide I like them again one day.

So obviously, throwing things away was a little bit hard for me. In fact, I still have a wardrobe, a cupboard and a chest of drawers full of clothes at my Mum's house (sorry Mum). But for all of those extra bits and bobs like Winter coats, jumpers and scarves? I bought under bed storage.

Before we modified the bed, it just had two pull out drawers which couldn't really fit much stuff in. I politely demanded that Rob get rid of them and clear out a huge space underneath the bed. I have now managed to fit six huge boxes underneath - most of them containing clothes (obvs).

This is one of the most popular questions I get asked when talking about the boat: "But Liv... where did you put all of your clothes?!", and really, those bloody boxes have changed my life! I can't believe how much stuff I can actually fit underneath the bed. I couldn't recommend it enough, especially if, like me, you're living in a small space and you're into fashion.

I labelled mine up into categories too, because I'm anal like that.

For the best under-bed storage, I go here, or you can just buy yourself a few boxes and a sharpie from here. For tips on how to de-clutter, I find this website a huge help!

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