Top Tips for Book Shelf Storage

I desparately need to organise my book shelf. It's just a scrambled mess and because of this, I rarely pick a book out from it.

Bookshelf styling has been a big thing recently, and I'm constantly being reminded how untidy my own is by Pinterest and bloggers and such.

SO... I'm making it my mission to make things a little tidier around here, and hopefully that'll get me back into the swing of reading again. I've compiled a list of my must-have accessories to jazz up that bookshelf.

1. Of course, the book shelf is the most important thing. If it's something timeless and classic you want, then opt for this grand ol' thing from Furniture Plus. If you're going for something a bit more quirky, then I'm loving this leaning book shelf from Urban Outfitters.

2. I just ADORE this Spaceboy wall art and think it would look super cute on a book shelf.

3. Candle holders are always a must. Although I'd try and refrain from putting these on the shelves lower down as it might burn the shelf above. Speaking from experience here. Ahem.

4. I have TONS of magazines and I always want to keep hold of them, but they can look messy on the shelf. Having one of these storage trays is a good way of making things look a little tidier.

5. I already have a million of these pretty decorated bowls, and they always look fabulous on book shelves. You can even put sweets in them if you wish ;-)

6. A plant, of course. Make sure it's a house plant though otherwise it'll die quickly. Again... speaking from experience!

7. Finally, a GLOBE (or some other abstract orniment). I've been looking for one like this for ages, and what's more? It's miniature size so it'll fit so lovely on the book shelf!

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