Interior: Simple Updates to Refresh Your Home

I never thought I'd get as excited about homeware shopping as I do for shoe shopping, but it's happened.

I recently received some Homebase vouchers to decorate our bathroom, and after buying everything, we'd got some vouchers left over, so I took it upon myself to buy a few bits and bobs to update our home.

Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the way it's decorated, but sometimes you just need to buy a few 'bits and bobs' to freshen things up a little, y'know?

Rob's been banging on about getting a globe for a while now, and I spotted this little beauty in Homebase for just £9.99 - It's amazing how much an ornament and a plant can liven the place up a little!

Something else Rob (and myself - not gonna lie!) has wanted for a while is a drinks tray. As much as I'd love a vintage trolley to place our drinks on, we just don't really have the space at the moment, but when I spotted this tray I just knew I had to have it! I also bought Martini and Margarita glasses, plus a cocktail shaker and added some limes and lemons ready for when we pour our gin and tonics!

If you're wanting a bit of a home re-fresh but struggling for inspiration, I'd strongly suggest setting yourself up a Pinterest account. It's my go-to place when I need to feel inspired. You can check out my 'Home' board here! Alternatively, if you'd rather have a professional's opinion, you could hire an interior designer, or opt for interior package deals like these ones at David Phillips. Sometimes it can be a good thing to have a fresh pair of eyes to look at things, especially if you've been staring at the same four walls for quite some time.

I've put together a shopping list of simple things that can turn your home around...

1. Flowers. It's amazing how much of a difference fresh flowers can make. I usually tend to go to the florist, but you'd be surprised by how amazing (and budget friendly) Aldi's flowers are! Peonies always brighten up a room.

2. Candles. My personal absolute favourite is Orange Blossom from Jo Malone. It instantly makes the room seem relaxing and it smells amazing!

3. A fish tank. Am I a dweeb if I admit that fish tanks completely mesmerise me? Probably, but it's something I've secretly always wanted. If you can afford to go all out and have the tropical fish then you definitely should. I could honestly sit and watch fish swim around a fish tank for ages #dweeb.

4. Wall art. If I'm looking for wall art, I usually tend to go to Urban Outfitters or Etsy for something quirky and unique. If you've got a creative streak in you, why not try and create something yourself? Pop it in a chunky gold frame and voila!

5. Cushions. Girls, don't let your boyfriend tell you cushions are unnecessary! They are totally necessary! And they look super cute. Habitat and TK Maxx are my go-to places for all things cushion-y.


  1. I have seen the print on that cushion a few times on duvets etc and I'm in two minds if I like it but it was the first thing my eyes were drawn to with this post!

  2. Love these simple additions, make interior look so nice (love the pillows)