What Time is it?

When it comes to watches, I am a bit of a perfectionist.

To me, a watch is one of those timeless (ahem) pieces that you don't change until its worn out, so it's crucial that it looks good with every outfit.

A couple of Christmases ago, Rob bought me my dream Marc Jacobs watch in rose gold, and it's absolutely perfect for me, but unfortunately, it's starting to look a little grubby. Don't get me wrong, I take it for a clean every now and again, but it doesn't shine the way it used to and it makes me a bit sad.

Rob is from a family of Rolex-wearers. He got given a Submariner for his 21st birthday and he loves it because it's such a classic piece that will never get old. Obviously something as prestigious as a Rolex is going to be very expensive, so after some research, I began to look at pre-owned watches.

Naturally I was drawn in by the most expensive Cartier which had more figures than I have fingers, but if a prestigious watch with a less-hefty price tag is what you're after, then you can get your mitts on some pretty good quality pre-owned ones.

As with anything, there are thousands of cheaper alternatives online, especially since it seems watches have become quite a big fashion statement in the past couple of years, with women daring to wear bigger faces and chunkier straps as opposed to the dainty and delicate.

My go-to place to browse through tons of brands is Watches2U where you can find big names like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Daniel Wellington - click through those links to see my favourites. I particularly love the Michael Kors watch with the red face!

Are you a one-watch-woman, or do you have a selection that you pick and choose from depending on your outfit?

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  1. that's such a beautiful watch! Will have to check out watches2u. great post!x