Being a Mum (sort-of)

If you don't already know, Rob and I took our first steps into parenthood a couple of months ago when we bought home our first puppy!

He's a Golden Retriever named Sid and he is currently 15 weeks old. He is perhaps one of the biggest puppies I have ever seen and he's really well behaved, although at the moment he's teething so really wants to chew EVERYTHING.

I thought I'd share some pictures of him that I took on a recent walk through the fields, as he looks so handsome and I know everyone appreciates a cute puppy picture!

Training him has been hard at times. Even though I've always had dogs, I've never been in a position where I'm wholly responsible. I never realised quite how hard it could be, but there's a little saying I remind myself when things get particularly difficult: put hard work into your puppy for a year, and you have a well behaved dog for the next 10 or more...

I really hope you love these snaps I've taken of him - I'll definitely be sharing more updates as he grows up! If anyone has any questions about puppy training then do feel free to ask :-)