Interior Updates: Outdoor Spaces

Mr. Weather Man has actually been quite kind so far this Summer, don't you think?

We've seen a lot more of the sunshine than I ever expected, and it's making me want to spend every second of my day in the great outdoors.

Living on a boat, we get the amazing opportunity to take our home wherever we fancy, and the entire British waterways is our back garden. I do, however, love creating that special outdoor place where you can relax that never changes, so I've been on a mission to turn the back of the boat into a garden/terrace/generally nice area.

I've managed to compile a wish list of all kinds of outdoor things to brighten it up and have included a couple of things for those of you who have a big garden to fix up.

1. Lights. It's amazing how much these can completely transform the way something looks. I bought some solar panelled lights for the front of the boat and they just make it look that little bit lovelier when night time falls. If you're planning on spending lots of Summer nights out in the garden, having a barbie, then putting up lights will make it feel magical and whimsical.

2. Another thing that adds extra soft light is candles. This gorgeous stainless steel lantern is perfect for dotting around your garden.

3. If you're having a garden party, then bunting is the way forward. It just adds a whole new dimension to the place and makes it seem like a really fun place to be hanging out in. Who needs to be drinking £4.50 pints of beer in a fancy beer garden when you can knock up a jug of Pimms and relax in the comfort of your own garden?!

4. Of course, every garden needs a bit of greenery. And seeing as I'm not so great at keeping plants alive, these artificial eucalyptus bushes will just have to do! They look pretty good for artificial plants, so don't worry about them being cheap...

5. We all need somewhere to get comfy. I'm a particular lover of gigantic cushions like these ones from IKEA. They're also great if you're trecking off to a picnic - much comfier than sitting on the hard grass, that's for sure! If you have enough room in your garden for furniture, then my favourite go-to place is the Trade Furniture Company for their selection of reclaimed pieces. Perfect if you're after that urban/vintage/boho feel!

5. Last but not least, a barbecue. When winter arrives and I'm shivering whilst sipping on the hottest food and beverages I can find, I long for those summer days where I gather up all my friends and family and sit around the barbecue, fixing up corn on the cobs, burgers, chicken kebabs and a hearty salad. Plus, I make a pretty banging barbecue...

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  1. All the interiors in those photos are beautiful, I can't wait to have my own house

    Julia x