My Life in Pandora

I'm never usually one to bow down to the hype. I remember dismissing Pandora with a flick of my hand when they first became a success - I just don't think I fully understood their story and the meaning behind their jewellery.

Then I did some research.

It turned out that Pandora weren't just the coloured, flower-power charms I saw on my friends' bracelets. They were so much more. They were watches, they were rings... they were something special, and I had to have one.

On my 21st Birthday, I was presented with the Pandora Moments Charm bangle from my parents which I instantly fell in love with. I was also given a "21" charm to celebrate the milestone.

(My charmsa plane to celebrate my first holiday with Rob, a '21' charm for my birthday, a gondola after a trip to Venice, a mortarboard the day before my graduation, an Eiffel Tower after my trip to Paris, and a duck as a 'congratulations' for buying our boat.)

Since then, I have been collecting charms to mark special occasions in my life. They're always such a lovely gift to receive from someone, and there's always a great meaning behind each little charm.

When I look down at my bracelet, it reminds me of so many amazing memories, and I think it's fab that a bracelet can spark up so much nostalgia all in one go.

As a lot of you are aware, Rob and I have just had a puppy, and seeing as this little guy is going to be a member of the family for many years to come, it seemed only necessary that I have a charm to mark the arrival of Sid... Before I had chance to get my paws on one, the lovely team at Gift and Wrap sent me one in the post as a little present. It was wrapped so beautifully and made me grin from ear to ear. He's a lovely addition to my bracelet, don't you think?

Next up in my Pandora lust-list is some of the beautiful items in their ring collection, also available at Gift and Wrap. The heart band and April birthstone rings are two of my favourites!

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? Let me know what charms you have in the comments!

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  1. I don't have a bracelet but my sister and mum do. I think they are a great alternative way to document milestones in your life. Something a bit different!
    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x