Debenhams A/W Style

If there's one place I love to shop at this time of year, it's Debenhams. My local store is pretty huge, and I just love to wander round and take in all the different Autumn and Winter fabrics and textures that all the designers have on offer.

At the moment, I really can't get enough of thick wool jumpers and the deep Autumnal colours - I just LOVE this time of year for fashion!

So when Debenhams challenged me to style up an outfit for myself and a friend from some of their favourite trends, I really couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Now, there are only two people in the world who I can actually shop with. My Mum, and my friend Ellie.

Not only do they put up with me trying on 83678 things and spending hours in the shop, but they give me their honest opinion, which is sometimes brutal (I'm looking at you, Mum!).

I've styled up some outfits for us from Debenhams' AW14 collection and I just know they'll both love it!

On an ideal Mother/Daughter day with my Mum, we'd go for coffee in the morning, then tackle the shops before heading out for dinner. With Ellie, we often mooch around slowly, gossipping as we go, so the outfits I've chosen are casual enough to shop in, yet smart enough to still be super fashionable.

Being a lover of colour, I chose my outfit from a selection of Pinks and Berries, which are two of my favourite colours to wear this season.

Although I loved last years pink coat trend, I could never seem to find one that was right for my skin tone. I'm quite light skinned, but it's also olive, so the light pinks would totally wash me out. This amazing coat is ideal. A pretty shade of raspberry, I would team it up with this amazing jumper and some berry skinny jeans for a cosy and comfy style.

Now, as I said we'd spend our day shopping, heels are probably not the best choice of footwear, but I couldn't resist these shoes! They are just to die for - I'm a sucker for a shoe with a bow!

The next outfit is something I know both my Mum and Ellie would love. My mum's favourite colour is green, and I know Ellie would look ah-mazing in that blouse with her lovely blonde locks, so this outfit is for the two of them combined, chosen from a selection of Winter Greens!

The first piece I chose was this shirt, because I just love a floral pattern. It looks fab and especially paired up with these cute trousers.

Mum always goes on about wanting a new handbag, and I think she'd fall in love with this J by Jasper Conran number. With some heeled shoes to match, this would be an ideal outfit for her. Plus, all of these pieces are so versatile, she can keep them as staples in her wardrobe!

Ellie works as a lawyer, so the trousers and bag would still come in handy for workwear too - bonus!

And there we have it - that's our outfits.

I had tonnnns of fun creating this post and I know you guys will too, so why not have a go at styling some outfits for yourself? You can find all details here!

I would like to nominate my gorgeous friend Ellie to take the Debenhams AW/14 challenge so that she can style an outfit up the two of us! Go onnnnn Ellie ;-)

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