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Let me just start off by addressing the big yellow elephant in the room.

THE SOFA! Just look at it in all of its bright mustardy goodness! What's more? It was just seventy five Great British Pounds from the furniture Gods that are Ikea.

I'd spotted it in the catalogue, and was trying to find the right time (there isn't one) to ask Rob to come to Ikea with me, but he actually beat me to it! Can you believe he would suggest a trip to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon of all times?! We were originally going for a new duvet cover, but as always happens in Ikea, you end up leaving with a million other things that you don't even need.

But I digress. Let's talk about the outfit.

This cold-shoulder tunic is from Urban Outfitters, and I just love the print. It makes me feel a little bit sixties, and I love it.

Teamed up with beige capri trousers and my trusty ASOS ankle boots, it's a great transitional outfit into the colder seasons. Plus, it feels kinda nice to be wearing my boots again.

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