REVIEW: The Boardwalk

When Rob and I first moved onto the marina nearly one whole year ago (!!!) we were told of the new project that would be taking place over the next few months. A new building hosting six shops and offices, as well as a bar/bistro was to open in the Autumn of 2014.

So when The Boardwalk bar & dining opened its doors yesterday evening, we just couldn't wait to pop down and try it out.

Of course, having a cool place to eat and drink right on your doorstep is pretty amazing, but we were a little apprehensive as to what it would bring to the marina - would it be noisy? Would it cater to the moorers? Would it be too expensive?

For us, we live at the furthest point away from the bar, and it's safe to say we couldn't hear a thing. The prices matched the quality of the food, and the menu was an absolute dream (anything with anchovy mash wins in my eyes).

Does it cater to the moorers? For a majority, no. A lot of our neighbours have mentioned they would have preferred a "proper pub" with Wetherspoons prices, and I can appreciate their opinion, but that's just not up our street. Don't get me wrong, I do love a proper pub, but we have three "proper" pubs just a 10-minute walk down the road. A nice restaurant is what this whole area lacks - Rob and I often find ourselves getting a taxi into Derby or Burton if we want to go somewhere a little more up-market, so for us, it's absolutely ideal.

Now, on to the food...

We were given complimentary bread with oil and balsamic vinegar whilst we deliberated over the menu, which was full of the most amazing winter-warmers, making it so hard for our hungry tummies to choose.

For my starter, I had Soup of the Day, which happened to be cream of mushroom. It was served in this mug with a little loaf of olive bread that I genuinely cooed over.

The consistency is everything I want from a soup, it was thick and creamy - just like a proper home made soup as opposed to watery rubbish. The chef obviously knew what they were doing, and it made my tummy all warm and fuzzy - just what I was looking for on a dreary, rainy Monday.

Rob had crispy pork which he ate in approximately 30 seconds, he said it was just THAT good.

For my main course, I had Chicken Supreme. Grilled chicken breast on a bed of parsnip mash with creamy mushrooms and aubergine.

The portion size was spot on - I can't bear to be given a teeny tiny "trendy" portion, or likewise be overloaded and leave feeling far too full. This was just right, although I was defeated slightly by the mash although I tried my absolute hardest to finish it.

Which obviously meant that when the dessert menu came, I looked at it with sadness because I just couldn't quite manage one. Tia Maria and Baileys cheesecake... you're mine next time!

We had a fantastic evening - the staff were great, and I will definitely be paying them plenty more visits in the future!

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