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It's been a long time since I last updated with an interior post, I was doing some Pinterest browsing recently, and the festive decor got me in the mood to share some of my Christmassy home updates.

I've been obsessing over gigantic red doors, floor-to-ceiling uPVC windows dusted with snow and wreaths covered in holly and berries. Buuuuut, living on a boat, these are some things are just pretty impossible for me to achieve!


We put our tree up last week, and we're very happy with the outcome:

We opted for reds and golds because, well, that's just the festive 'norm' isn't it?!

My Mum bought us some gorgeous decorations in the shape of a boot, which look the same as the boot we have drawn on the side of the boat. So naturally, these went up straight away!

Whilst buying my tree, I also caught sight of these amazing bright red poinsettias. I think they look extremely festive, and it's brightened up the room.

Mine was a mere British pound from B&Q. Bargain!

Last but not least - an absolute 'must have' interior update for the festive season is 'Christmas' scented candles.

Rob bought me 'Christmas Memories' by Yankee Candles last year and I'm absolutely obsessed with the smell. It has hints of cinnamon and spices, and makes you feel nostalgic for Christmas baking and, well, Christmas Memories!

My other two favourites are a 'fir tree' scented candle from Homebase, and a 'Mulberry' scented one. I'm not entirely sure where I got this, but I have a feeling it was Wilkinsons.

How have you updated your home for Christmas?

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